Two things stay in my mind. First his Call night: I have never announced a new member with so many academic distinctions, requiring two sips of water for me to get through them all. Second, his delight at our amateur Gilbert and Sullivan productions. He was indeed the very model of a modern major barrister.
Patrick Maddams
Sub-Treasurer, Inner Temple
Before I had dean-radar, I realized he seemed dean-like in his recall and warmth. But much more than just being dean-like, I believe he truly had an enthusiasm and generosity of spirit that he extended to all people he met in life, even random cold-callers like myself, that first time many years ago.
Shi-Ling Hsu
Florida State University College of Law
David was a mentor, a friend, and above all, a true gentleman. I will miss him. My deepest condolences to his beloved ones.
Eduardo Zuleta J.
Zuleta Abogados Asociados, Bogotá
David was a very special person, kind, intellectually brilliant, open to meeting and helping others, as my British wife would say “no airs and graces”, not stuck up, down to earth, very humble, very warm. What else can I say, we will all miss him very much.
Wayne I. Fagan
San Antonio, Texas
He had a great sense of humor. Always laughing or at least smiling, with a kind word to every person. May God has received him in heaven where he belongs. My deepest condolences to his family.
Carlos Loperano
Mexico international law “superstar,” an innovator, a mentor, and a nurturing father...
University of California
David Caron was one of the great leaders in international law and a true mentor and friend to so many.  From my earliest days as a young lawyer in The Hague, he was one of the people I looked up to as a model to emulate. He exuded a genuine warmth and affection toward me. The feeling was mutual.
Roger Alford
University of Notre Dame
I have met him often, at the ITA and elsewhere and each time, it was a great pleasure to meet this handsome, educated gentleman and brilliant lawyer.
Bernard Hanotiau
Hanotiau & van den Berg
On more than one occasion, when confronted with an unpleasant opposing counsel, or less-than-polite professional interactions, I have thought “How would Professor Caron handle this?”  He has long been one of my benchmarks for poise and professionalism.  I was deeply sorry to hear of his passing, and I will always remember him with respect and admiration.
Elizabeth M. Silbert
King & Spalding LLP
I met David for the first time only a couple of months ago… I remember thinking at the time, what a wonderful man and well-balanced arbitrator! My respect and admiration for him only grew as I then had the opportunity to work closely with him on several files. What a tremendous loss and void he leaves behind.
Claire de Tassigny Schuetze
Permanent Court of Arbitration
I cannot emphasize how much his e-mail meant to me. I was a journeyman and still learning how to make my way in this competitive profession. When I was at the ASIL event I did not expect Professor Caron to recognize me, but to my amazement he did. I was amazed by how caring he was and attentive.
Jawad Ahmad
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
I knew David for nearly twenty years-first as his student and research assistant at Berkeley and then as a good friend and co-author of our treatise on the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules... David was an extraordinary person beloved by all. It is simply impossible to imagine a world without him, and I will miss him dearly.
Lee Caplan
Partner, Arendt Fox LLP
David had his adorable 5 year-old daughter distribute and collect our final exams, significantly reducing the ambient cortisol level. I can still see her tiny figure in its navy cardigan smiling at us all as she walked up and down the aisles, even as I can still hear David’s baritone from Am Jur shows in an era when faculty performed alongside students. I will miss him very much.
Claudia Polsky
Environmental Law Clinic
If it were not for David, who took a chance on me when I applied to the LLM program at Berkeley in 2001 to pursue my interest in international law, my life would be completely different.  His support and mentorship gave me the courage to work hard and to take risks to pursue this wonderful, challenging mystery called international law.
Ruth Teitelbaum
He was an excellent teacher and brilliant man… I remember him inviting our class over for dinner one evening at his beautiful home and thinking how kind that was of him. He had the most warm and thoughtful demeanor. I haven’t seen him in years and it makes me tear up to think about it. He was a good soul.
Lauren E. Groth
Hutchinson Black and Cook, LLC
...a brilliant international lawyer who will be missed...
Marcelo G. Cohen
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
...he was so charming and so nice: I keep in my memory his smiling face and his kindness with me as well as with others. It is an enormous loss for America and the world of internationalists and a disaster for his numerous friends.
Yves Daudet
President, Curatorium of The Hague Academy of International Law
Years ago, when I was starting out in international law, David – then a chaired professor at Berkeley, the law school an hour’s drive from my own – was a pillar of support. He was the 1st scholar to accept my invitation to speak at the 1st conference I organized…
Diane Marie Amann
University of Georgia undoubted giant in the fields of international law and dispute resolution and should have had a long time before him to contribute even more to its development...
The Honourable Charles N. Brower
...a fully engaged and vigorous judge in his prime whose most compelling contribution to the development of international law, and to the administration of international justice, was still to come...
Daniel Bethlehem Q.C. & Toby Landau Q.C.
20 Essex Street & Essex Court Chambers
His clear vision of problems, his enthusiasm for projects and his ability to make people feel appreciated has always made me think that he was exceptional not only as a scholar, a professor and an arbitrator, but as a human being.
Pascal Pichonnaz
University of Fribourg & Georgetown University
My first encounter with David Caron occurred at a time of great personal and professional change. His guidance, advice and support during my recruitment to King’s was unparalleled, marked by personal warmth, human caring and an unparalleled, fine humor. It is good that we can hear his contagious laughter still in this dark hour.
Peer Zumbansen
Director, Transnational Law Institute, King's College London
Boalt Professor Caron was an outstanding teacher of international law and also a truly kind person and role model.
Joel Fried
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
David had a tender heart, an amazing sense of humor and a booming voice that shook the room when he laughed, which was often. He was elegant, articulate, gracious, whimsical, mystical, deeply spiritual and profoundly cool. Brilliant and accomplished, he was also compassionate and supportive, tearing up with joy when he heard good news about my life. Truly a Renaissance Man. A treasure. I am heartbroken.
Rebecca Winn
Dallas, Texas
Even when David was my office neighbor at Pillsbury 33 years ago, he produced outstanding academic work. He guided my entry into adjunct teaching and invited me to many colloquia, inevitably ending (shoes removed) in his wonderful East Bay home. Like so many others, I am grateful for his range, his depth, and his warmth.
Robert A. James
Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
We were law school classmates, and we served together on the editorial board of Ecology Law Quarterly from 1981-83... When I came down with a cold on my birthday while helping edit David's 1983 article on liability for offshore oil pollution, he brought the entire editorial board to my house to deliver a carrot cake with a mini oil platform on top. We later dubbed it the “Caron cake.”
Barbara Hood
Anchorage, Alaska
His selfless encouragement empowered those around him to reflect the best qualities of mind and spirit. From reading his rich academic work, his legacy of scholarship and service in the field of global arbitration and natural resource protection was sparked by a deep concern for the well being of humanity as a whole. This inspiration will continue to be a light in the filed and guide future research and service.
Shahla F. Ali
University of Hong Kong
I am just getting over my initial shock... only to feel a deep sadness about the injustice of his early passing. But we should all be thankful that he did have time to touch so many with his kindness and decency and his visionary determination to strengthen the institutions and normative commitments of international law. I hope somewhere he is sailing toward the horizon, guided by his North Star: his deep love of family, friends, and the ideal of achieving a world under law.
Harold Hongju Koh
Yale Law School
Among other things, David taught me “to look back to see the way forward.” Then, as one of the greatest influences in my life, he gave me a hand to go forward and pursue enforceable rights for people in all countries. I don’t claim to have succeeded, but in addition to my lifelong gratitude, and fond memories, I will not give up in my efforts to create truly “juridical” human rights.
John Kirk Boyd
Executive Director, Unite for Rights
I am thinking with such sadness and fondness of the wonderful times in London, California, New York, The Hague, and beyond where he welcomed guests, friends, colleagues, students, and so many of us to be a part of his wisdom, his work, and his mark on the world. He has guided me professionally in all of these places, and we have also shared dinners, laughs, stories, and ideas...
Flynn Coleman
New York City
As a lawyer David was incredibly broad in his reach. He was a master of international dispute settlement. Probably because of his coast guard background, he was a leading expert in the law of the sea. He was able to convene colleagues and drive them together towards common goal like no other; his gentle hand steering, quietly giving room for all to speak and then tipping the scale just when it was needed... As a human being he was too much to capture...
Sam Muller & Juan Botero
Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law
I had the opportunity to receive his advice and guidance on our arbitration moot, and discuss investment treaty cases with him when in Berkeley (2012-2013) for my LL.M degree, and meet him before the Kaplan lecture 2015 in Hong Kong. He has always been a charming, attentive and inspiring mentor to those who had the opportunity and privilege to take his class or advice. He will be missed by many Boalt Hall international lawyers, with greatest admiration.
Hu Ke
Partner, Jingtian & Gongcheng
I had the pleasure of being one of his research assistants at Berkeley, where he first inspired my interest in international arbitration. To me, he was a role model, for his competence, balance, and integrity. It always amazed me how, despite all his achievements, he had managed to remain so humble and approachable. I will miss his contagious smile and caring attitudes. He was a true mentor...
Michele Potestà
Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler, Geneva
I actually first met him when he was visiting the school (to attend some international law event) before starting his new professorship in 1987. I found him to be very personable then as he showed a genuine interest in a student's view of Boalt's international law offerings. And I really enjoyed his international commercial dispute course and appreciated his Jessup moot court support.
John Weinkopf
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
As David became more and more involved in the governance of the American Society of International Law, we worked together closely. And we did so during his presidency of the Society when he took so much time away from his teaching and scholarship to ensure the Society's continued success. His presidency was a model of energy and ideas for his successors to follow...
Peter Trooboff
Covington & Burling LLP
The first time I set foot on the Berkeley campus was with David. I was interviewing for an entry-level position, and that morning David met me early and walked me through campus, pointing out the gorgeous buildings and sculptures that we saw along the way, weaving stories about the history of the university with advice about my upcoming interview. It was such an amazing introduction to the campus, and such a warm welcome to what was otherwise a daunting experience.
Saira Mohamed
UC Berkeley School of Law
It is with profound gratitude and love that I remember Professor Caron. He was my LLM Thesis Advisor in 2004 at Berkeley Law and served as his teaching assistant on International Criminal Courts during that year. He always exceeded all my academic expectations and helped me in every possible way. David was a great teacher, advisor, boss and a wise human being.
Raul Howe
UC Berkeley School of Law
I went to law school with Dave and served with him on the board of the Ecology Law Quarterly. (Or as we called it when we missed yet another deadline, the Ecology Law Quasi-Periodical.) He became editor in chief, of course. He was smart, warm, kind, focused, and funny. We all worked hard together, but I mostly remember hanging out in the cramped little office and laughing a lot. We made lasting friendships.
Mary Randolph
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
I will forever be indebted to David for how he enabled my career, repeatedly putting his faith in me and providing opportunities for learning and advancement. Wherever in the world our paths crossed, he always made himself available and I treasured his advice and zen-inducing presence. I always looked up to him as a model not only as a scholar that grappled with the world's problems, but also as a builder of institutions and communities and as a mensch...
Ariel Meyerstein
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
I had the privilege of being one of David’s students at Boalt, and later to benefit from his advice and generous support in connection with Delos Dispute Resolution, an arbitration institution I helped create in 2014. David was a founding member of our Board of Advisors and also co-chaired a publication initiative we have been working on since last May, involving some 60 law firms around the world... My prayers are with David and his family...
Hafez Virjee
Delos Dispute Resolution
Professor Caron was one of the most dedicated, kind and supportive professor I have ever met. Amidst all his work, a month ago he just wrote me a letter of recommendation for my SJD application in environmental law at Pace University. We were discussing about my Ph.D. research project. I wanted to tell him that because of his kind support and direction I just got accepted...
Kittinut Supsoontornkul
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
David had been working on an article, or perhaps even a grand theory, about elegance in international law. ‘Elegance' is such an apt word for him - stylish and attractive, with depth and nuance. Making things look effortless, while actually trying extremely hard and thinking about every detail. Working through all the complications in order to arrive at a simple, ingenious solution.
Philippa Webb
King's College London & 20 Essex Street
It was nearly 15 years ago that I began a conversation with him on maritime security and oceans jurisdiction - a conversation that continued through this past December, when we corresponded about an article I had written that relied heavily on some of his earlier work on ocean zones. I was never a full-time academic, but he was nevertheless always tremendously encouraging to me, and generously gave of his time to comment seriously on my half-baked ideas.
Tim Perry
I learned my ABC’s on UNICTRAL Arbitration Rules from Professor David Caron at Cornell in 1990. The course, Resolution of International Commercial Disputes, that he taught there, as well as his comprehensive reading materials, were of paramount importance for the future course of my career. Farewell, dear Professor.
Maja Stanivuković
Fulbright Fellow, Novi Sad University, Serbia
David and I attended Boalt Law School together, and I have so many fond memories of him, including working together at the Ecology Law Quarterly. When I picture him, I see that easy smile & hear that deep, resonant laugh. And we'll never forget that wonderful baritone which he sometimes shared... David was that rather rare combination of brilliant scholar superstar and charming, decent, modest, generous human being...
Laura Cohen & Family
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
He will be remembered fondly by former students like myself. He was a uniquely gracious personality at Boalt Hall in the late eighties. His erudition was much appreciated, as was the presence of his mentor, Professor Riesenfeld.
Ruth Grdseloff
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
I had the privilige of meeting Professor Caron at the Arbitration Academy in 2013, he is and he will remain being the best professor I have ever had. While teaching he was humble, charismatic, funny, and above all he was brilliant, I will never forget the moment when we finished the courses and instead of aplauding him, an standing ovation from all the peers was given. I will always thank him for his advice and his mentoring that kept me in contact with him since then.
Marcelo Fernández
La Paz, Bolivia
Professor Caron was such a good professor with the best scholarship skills in the field of international law I have ever met. But he was still so open to his students: always ready to discuss during and after his classes. I keep all those good moments as my model for teaching. Please accept my sincere condolences. He will always be in the hearts of so many of students and professors.
Louis deRedon
Sorbonne Center for Legal Studies
At the beginning of the semester, David and Susan invited the whole International Dispute Resolution class for dinner at their lovely house. When we set-up a team of LL.M. students to attend a moot arbitration competition in Washington D.C., David supported us without hesitation by financial means and precious practical advice... He inspired generations of lawyers who owe him eternal gratitude.
Patrik Salzmann
Zürich, Switzerland
We had the opportunity to meet David and work with him in during a few weeks in Paris in last October on an arbitration case. He was such a brilliant, accessible and charming man. The arbitral community will remember him and miss such a wonderful person. Please pass our deep condolences to his family.
Ibrahim Fadlallah, Yves Derains, Catherine Schroder
Beyrouth & Paris
David was my mentor, my friend, and my role model. A boundlessly generous person who conveyed a sense of ease and grace as he moved through the world, he changed my life completely as he did those of so many he worked with and touched.
Tom Ginsburg
University of Chicago
David was one of the rare individuals with a vision for all aspects of international law and a desire to connect mentees and friends with common interests to facilitate the progressive development of international law. It is somewhat fitting, therefore, that his passing has brought so many of us together. It is clear that his legacy lives on not only in his writings, decisions, and speeches, but in the lives and in the work of those he inspired.
Christina Hioureas
Foley Hoag LLP
David had immense charisma and a unique presence. Over the years we worked on professional matters and as colleagues at King’s. Intellectually what I appreciated most was his openness to argument. He was too naturally curious to be dismissive of a new idea; his instinct was always to help you explore it and develop it. At a personal level I was always struck by his rare combination of composure and warmth; there is too often a trade-off between these two qualities but not in his case. I will miss him terribly.
Guglielmo Verdirame
20 Essex Street & King's College London
I am very sorry to hear of David's untimely death. We were classmates in law school. I had returned to school in my mid-30s after about 10 years in the working world and I found the transition stressful and confusing. David, who was also an older student, although some years younger than I, was a reassuring presence. I remember with gratitude his gentlemanly and calm demeanor and his friendly smile.
Tom Reilly
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
Professor Caron literally changed the trajectory of my life. I developed a passion for international law in his introductory International Law course at Boalt. On a tip (and with a strong recommendation) from Professor Caron, I applied for a Fulbright scholarship to attend an LLM program in Florence, Italy. I eventually met my Italian wife that year in Florence, and have spent the majority of my career working on international law issues in Italy. Thank you David.
Ed Balsamo
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
Professor Caron had not only the insatiable need for teaching and learning, and these smiling sparkles in his eyes, when he could do either. Most importantly, he head the unyielding ability to tell right from wrong, combined with the ability to convey the distinction with utmost class and elegance to those less clear on the matter. I will always feel privileged to look up to him as a mentor.
Natalia Mikołajczyk
Linklaters Warsaw
I had the privilege to work alongside David in monthly meetings in Geneva for seven years and it has been one the most rewarding experiences of my life, mostly thanks to him. David combined an outstanding intellect with a natural congeniality and a sense of humor that are seldom found together; no wonder everybody liked him and respected him so much, as I did. He will be greatly missed, as a friend, as a jurist and as a person of outstanding quality. I do share in your loss and sorrow.
Bernard Audit
I am shocked and saddened. He was such a great friend, fine man and wonderful academic with unfailing common sense in the pursuit of global peace. I will miss him and so will the world.
Evan Wallach
Circuit Judge
I will treasure the memory of David and Susan’s visit to Istanbul in 2011 for the Law of the Sea Institute conference, which he co-chaired with his colleague and dear friend Harry Sheiber until leaving for London. David’s brilliance was matched by his warmth and humanity. David was also a pioneer in international law; the words he wrote in 1990 about climate change and the oceans were farsighted and resonate strongly today nearly thirty years later.
Nilufer Oral
Istanbul Bilgi University
I was lucky enough to be apart of his last class at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies. He was the man who taught me the Law of the Sea and even made us rearrange the chairs so the class would sit in the shape of a bay for each lecture. He was willing to selflessly help before he even got to know me. He will be missed and we all knew him for far too short of a time.
Daniel Klingenberg
CTLS Graduate
....a vital part of CTLS for many years...
Center for Transnational Legal Studies
Several folks have recalled David's deep baritone voice. I had the enjoyment of singing with him for several years at the US Coast Guard Academy. He was "always ready" on his part and was a great shipmate whenever we toured away from our "home port" on the Thames River. I will remember his warm smile and friendship.
Mason "Rick" Stober
US Coast Guard Academy '73
David was truly exemplary - someone to look up to and admire - in all the roles he assumed in life. He was a Dean who knew and lived the real meaning of leadership, which is that success consists in enabling others to flourish. The sadness at his passing is unbearable.
John Tasioulas
King's College London
David was a classmate and friend as we began our adult life's journey together at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1970. We spent our first assignment together as officers in the newly-built icebreaker Polar Star in Seattle. David was a great shipmate, distinguished by his intellectual curiosity and warm personality. It was clear then that he was destined for excellence and impressive accomplishment.
Jeffrey M. Garrett
US Coast Guard (Retired)
I was absolutely devastated to hear the news about David. He was such a strong, charming and charismatic figure that it is hard to imagine him being taken so suddenly. David made a remarkable contribution to King’s, and it is so sad that he is not able to continue to do so.
Lawrence Freedman
King's College London
Calm and welcoming, he exercised good judgment and was everything one would expect from an academic leader. He helped make this world a better place. We will all be much poorer without David.
Takis Tridimas
King's College London
Like so many others whose lives he touched, I have a rich trove of memories testifying to David’s warmth and grace. David generously helped to ease my entry into the legal academy, welcoming me into the circle of northern California international law scholars. He remained a mentor and became a friend. I will miss him.
Andrea K. Bjorklund
McGill University
David Caron was one of these rare people who manage to inspire awe and make you feel at ease in their company at the same time. I deeply admired his commitment and dedication to any project he decided to undertake and how generous he was with his time, in spite of his various, demanding obligations. He will be greatly missed for his many accomplishments, but personally, I will always remember him for his kindness and keen sense of humour.
Maike Kotterba-Wilson
David Caron was a consummate law professor, devoting his considerable talents in equal measure to superb teaching, interesting scholarship, public service and student mentoring. He laughed easily and loudly (that voice!) and was a dependable supporter of us junior colleagues, all of whom struggled with what David quickly mastered, the ability to calmly and happily occupy the important position of a faculty member at a great American law school without the usual sources of stress and angst.
Daniel B. Rodriguez
Northwestern University
I had the pleasure of many years of friendship with David Caron, as well as the honour of sitting with him as a Judge. He was that rare man who was a distinguished international lawyer but who wore his distinction lightly, never taking himself too seriously. He will be missed as a lawyer, a judge, a teacher and a great friend to so many of us.
Sir Christopher Greenwood
Former Judge, International Court of Justice
The United Nations expert group meeting on international norms and standards relating to disability in collaboration with the School of Law of the University of California at Berkeley, supported by Professor Caron, paved the way for what is now the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2006. He touched so many lives - with warmth, grace and gentle and sensitive care - and I am so grateful to be among them.
Akiko Ito
United Nations
David and myself shared an interest in international arbitration, and his brilliance in handling complex cases deeply impressed me. At the same time he was always interested in his colleagues' activities. Just a few weeks ago he told me about the last days of Stefan Riesenfeld whom we both admired and who died in 1999 aged 90. It is still unfathomable that he himself would pass so soon and unexpectedly.
Christian Ambrüster
CTLS & Freie Universität Berlin
David was a professional giant among the California redwoods whom I knew and greatly admired throughout most of his brilliant career of teaching, scholarship and other service. I was a beneficiary of several community-building workshops on issues of international law that he hosted in Berkeley for West Coast colleagues. His hospitality, often music-oriented, capped those occasions, may I say, beautifully.
James A.R. Nafziger
Willamette University College of Law
David and I were in classes together; we had meals together; we did joint projects together (I think I have the distinction of being the only classmate who pulled David’s grade down below High Honors); and we met each other’s families at the time. He was always warm and genuine and engaging, while often being larger than life (while so enjoying life)... He’s the star of several of my favorite stories from Boalt...
Andy Buchsbaum
BerkeleyLaw Graduate
It is the warmth he showed as a person, as an outstanding mentor, as a thoughtful advisor and as a kind friend, the radiant, infectious joy of life and passion for the problems he worked on that distinguished him. I had the pleasure of sharing an office with him the last couple of months - and there wasn’t a day on which his booming voice greeting me did not cheer me up. The silence is and will be hard to bear.
Holger Hestermeyer
BerkeleyLaw Graduate & King's College London
I had known him for many years, both as a distinguished scholar and more recently as a fine Judge on the International Court of Justice in the Nicaragua v Colombia case; and I was looking forward to pleading before him in the pending Iran v USA case.
Vaughan Lowe Q.C.
Essex Court Chambers
My name is Dick Lang, and I am one of Dave's academy classmates and friends. Dave was a very kind and understanding person. He had a keen sense of humor. We became good friends and enjoyed many hours of bridge. I've tried to keep in touch with Dave, a difficult task since he traveled the globe and resided in many locations... A bright light has been extinguished.
Dick Lang
US Coast Guard Academy
His death is a great loss to international law and to his many friends and admirers and I am one of them. May his soul rest in piece and may God give you the strength at this time.
Awn Al-Khasawneh
Former Prime Minister of Jordan
Former Vice-President, International Court of Justice